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Tiny Feet

Laura- Positive, healing birth story.


History - In 2019, me and my partner unfortunately had two miscarriages followed by a third pregnancy. Sadly, at the 20 week scan it was discovered our beautiful little boy Leo Cor had a severe heart condition. The unbelievably painful decision to terminate the pregnancy was made and then followed on the most emotionally heartbreaking journey. Our older daughters were 7 and 9 and were a huge part of my pregnancy, so the loss was great. My advice is to talk. As much as you want with as many people as you need. Welcoming Leo as part of our families 'journey' was the start of recovery though.


During lockdown no#1 we found we were pregnant with Emmeline Along with excitement there was worry, the prospect of more tests due to Leo's condition, and being cut off from support due to covid.


But, along with local pregnancy yoga, a great local Facebook group for Mamas pregnant during the pandemic, and a Hypnobirthing course, we started seeing a little light at the end of a long tunnel.


I chose to have an Elective C Section as the birth of my second daughter left me with PTSD and 4 years of physicsl healing. Plus, my birth journey with Leo, although beautiful in some ways (he was born en caul), was still very fresh in my mind.


For me this was absolutely the right decision. We were allowed to have a gentle birth (baby was born slowly) and we had the curtain lowered. This allowed us to see our daughter being born and felt more part of the process. The 'lion King' moment was incredibly emotional and my partner was able to cut the cord. The surgery went well, the staff at Bristol Southmead were fantastic, and I finally got my positive birth story!